Plague Augmented Reality Exhibition App

Plague is a unique augmented reality app used to bring exclusive digital artworks to life via AR markers.

Plague is collaborating with renowned Gif gallery 15folds and iconic fashion magazine Dazed& confused on a series of Augmented reality Gif exhibitions. The exhibitions will live in physical gallery spaces and online, only visable through use of the Plague app. The shows will be exhibited globally and open to the public, allowing them to view and interact with the pioneering artworks.

About 15folds is at the forefront of gif content and curation, a true leader in its field having successfully hosted over 300 pieces of original gif artwork and working with artists all over the world. On the 22nd of May 2014, 15folds will be opening it doors to the public, and liberating gifs from the traditional browser by putting on an In real life gif exhibition. The only way artwork will be able to be viewed is via a custom made augmented reality app, Plague.

The Exhibition

The exhibition will use AR markers (in the form of customised Qr markers) As a gateway to unlocking amazing Augmented Reality Gif content. This is a complete first in the way Gifs and digital art have been viewed in a gallery setting.

The exhibition on the 22nd - 28th May, will take place at the iconic 48 Hoxton Square, London - formerly the White Cube gallery. Having previously played host to greats including The Chapman brothers, Damian Hirst and Tracey Emin, 15 folds and Plague are honoured to be invited as the first digital pioneers to exhibit in the space since its re-oppening as Lyst studios.

The exhibition is the first planned in a series of major global exhibitions, with shows in New york, Paris, Tokyo and Shangahai to soon follow. Each exhibition open to the public and the app will be made free and available via the app store.

Other uses

Alongside bring exclusive digital art exhibitions to life, The Plague App will be used for augmented reality content creation for brands. An upcoming project for an iconic trainer brand which will see the classic sneaker tuned into a surreal 3-d animated render.

With each project the app will be made available to the wider audience to interact where they can continue to access artwork and content online and in print. Plague plans to continue to build up a library of work through branded projects and collaborations.

In the run up to the 15 fold exhibition (week of the 19th ) Dazed digital will be putting up exclusive AR markers only viewable via the Plague app. The aim of this being to allow the wider audience the opportunity to download the app from the app store ahead of time and interact with the exclusive magazine content